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I resorted to ether a few times on my old Westerbeake 50 when it was just made awful sounds. As I understand it, its pretty common for large diesel trucks to have ether injection on them for cold starts but I just think thats a last resort knowing it could do serious damage to the engine?

A reputable mechanic suggested I pull the fuel and crank the engine for 5-10 seconds and not dump cold fuel into the cylinder. ..then push the fuel stop in and crank it like normal. This worked very well for me, no awful noise and actually put less wear on the starter and batteries.

I'm not mechanic but plan B made better sense to me.

I have also heard using WD 40 or propane (unlite) but never a lit torch?

These days, even in the cold my new Beta starts like a gas engine and havent used the glow plugs yet, how sweet it is ;)
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