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I am trying to find a solution to a problem I’m having with a Westerbeke 60Hz, 7.5KVA gasoline generator on our boat.

The problem arose after we ran out of fuel. But now there is fuel again it is not reaching carburetors and therefore the engine will not start.

I did some investigation to try and locate where the problem is and found that the lift pump is not receiving a constant supply of 12V; fuel therefore reaches the lift pump but does not come out the other side. When I connect the 12V battery directly to the lift pump fuel is pumped all the way through to the carburetors, however when trying to start the engine normally the voltage reaching the lift pump spikes to 12V then drops to 8V.

Things I also checked:
> There are no blockages in the fuel lines anywhere, nor are there any blockages in fuel intake of the carburetors themselves.
> The battery is not flat (we run all the 12V systems on the boat from it with no issues, and when wired directly to the pump it powers it at a constant 12V).
> The engine turns over fine and the air intake is working fine also.
> On inspection I don’t see any obvious frayed or damaged wires.

Any ideas as to a possible solution would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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Possible bad connections/wire? You can remove the wire & test with an ohm meter, or just replace it with all new wire & connectors. If you jumped the existing wire & it works, that is likely the problem?

Paul T
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