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The boat looks like it needs work, although it's subtle in the photographs.


- Rust weeping from boomkin
- The lower half of 2 chainplates on the port side appear to be missing
- Port side of the rudder looks odd, like there are blisters or damage repair
- Starboard side headliner looks wavy, like there has been a poor paint job or loose liner. This shows up in a few areas.
- Starboard side electrical socket is shady, calls quality of the wiring into question
- Are those teak decks screwed in?

There are a lot of areas missing from the pictures, I'd be concerned about making any kind of bid on it without seeing it first hand. I always liked Westsail 32s and considering their resale value, this one could be a good investment with work, but how much is the question. The BoatAngel one that sold a few months ago for $7k was, IMO, in better shape (although less complete inside) than this one is. I still kick myself for not buying that one.

The missing lower portions of the chainplates really raise some interesting questions.
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