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A friend of mine has located a 1996 coastal cruiser boat well below its market value and he is very interested in buying it. When he told me the price and photos I said that this sounds a bit suspicious. The lowest price on this boat was 25K for a not so well maintained one but most prices are in the 30's and this boat was going for 15K.

I went to see this boat myself and it looked good except for some minor things that can be handled with a few hundred dollars but all in all it looked good except for the deck. That was a different story. It had spider cracks throughout. I know rule of thumb is that if you can't fit your finger nail thru it you don't have to worry about it but I was concerned as it seamed to have more than usual.

We have rain yesterday here in the Northeast so this was a perfect day to go and pay another visit on this boat.

Sure enough the boat was leaking thru it's window edging or from the hatch edges. Again, this can be fixed with not so much money.

The hull on this boat has a thin layer of fabric and cushion and when I felt it was soaked through. Both on port and starboard side towards the bow there was dampness. This confirmed to me that those spider cracks on the deck run deep and that is where the water is coming from.

I wanted to know whether this can be fixed or should he walk away from this one.

All opinions are welcome...
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