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Wetting out horizontal holes?

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So, we are replacing the rubber in our rub rail. Before inserting the new rubber I am going to remove the track and inspect all of the screw and bolt holes. If I need to repair any of those I would plan to drill out and fill with thickened epoxy. However, if the standard practice is to wet out the holes first w/unthickened epoxy, how does one keep the unthickened epoxy in the horizontal hole for a few minutes? And then what's the easiest way to get it out?
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It's a vertical surface, yes? Is your track attached with both screws and nuts and bolts?

The bolts can just be tightened no? Probably a two person job. Someone inside with a wrench on the nut.

If the screws are loose and spinning, couldn't you just fill the hole with a little thickened epoxy with a syringe and redrill? Some clear cellophane tape or plastic wrap? should hold it until it sets.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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