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Whale Strike - Sunk - Pacific 2023

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A sailboat hit a wbale in the Pacific and quickly sank.
There is a long stories about the event, sounds like a big hull failure.

Anyone know what kind of boat it was?
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Im not doubting that it could happen, but how does that happen? I cant see a whale somehow cracking a hole in the hull. Maybe it tried to surface while under the boat and held it in a capsized position for a period of time. I hope there is more follow up from the crew.

Article says " At one point in the account below, a crew member is quoted as saying, “We hit a whale,” but the damage was at the rudder area of the boat,..."
Well, he said that there was a big hole around the prop shaft. I guess the prop hit the whale's spine, which is stronger than the hull, and the stainless prop shaft wrecked out a big hole around itself.
In Portugal I won't be in the water. But, yes, on the fantail. It is one pod of orcas doing the damage. And the sinking a month or 2 ago was a boat with a marine biologist on board. I doubt he would have been defending the boat. I would be defending my boat. Theres 2 people on board my boat and they are more important than the naughtily learned antics of the one pod. I will stab the blazers out of any whale attacking my boat. My wife deserves it. :)

Mark :)
I would think a pike would be better; just something really pointy.
Fashion accessory Wood

I also wondered if dropping a waterproof speaker into the water and just blasting some terrible music, anything past 1990 would do. Or a really awful screeching. Something they would not be fond of. Make them want to leave. I have some othre ideas.
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for future sailors of pacific ocean... View attachment 147058
That's cool, but how would knowing their migratory paths help? It's not like anyone is going to be watching the water 24/7 for whale sign like an aquatic Shai-Hulud (may his passing cleanse the world). That's a big ocean out there and I think knowing I was in a whaling lane would only add stress that I could do nothing about.
Nobody liked my Dune reference. :(
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that was the worst movie in that millénium

1) unbreak my heart, Mark.
2) what if I were referencing the book? What now, smarty pants?
I assume you're referring to the 1984 movie adaption Mark, which was widely considered to be a pile of Fremen dung :poop: (except there is no Fremen dung because of stillsuits, and... well, it's complicated if you haven't read the books :unsure:).

The recent movie by Canadian director/writer Denis Villeneuve is very good, and quite true to the books. Of course, the books (a trilogy in six books ;)) are far better, and go way deeper into the political, cultural and religious complexities of the Dune universe. Well worth the read, even if you don't like sci-fi.
Big ol' thumbs down. I am a huge De Laurentis/Lynch fan. I don't care if they didn't like their own films; it was great. Except for Alia.

What we need is a third stage guild navigator to get us through the Straight of Gibraltar without any bitey-bitey action.
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