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I wouldn't be too quick to add that Morgan OI to your list, if I were you... :)

Of course some have gotten around, and Earl Hinz sailed his all over the Pacific for years... But they are all getting pretty long in the tooth, and 2 have been abandoned off the US East coast recentlly - one in the Salty Dawg rally last fall (after reportedly having a bulkhead come adrift, and hull to deck joint 'issues'), and another 350 miles E of Norfolk just a few weeks ago, in conditions that were not reported to be all that extreme... Don't write off Morgans entirely, however, I've always thought that boat of Andre's is a pretty sweet boat, and could suit your needs very well... Finding one in your part of the world, however, could be a bit of a challenge...

Of your list, I might be tempted by the Saga 43, but that's largely due to my preference for an aft cockpit... But Auspicious is right, you couldn't go wrong with a Frers-designed H-R, I think those are wonderful boats, and one of the few center-cockpit boats I would care to own, and I was really impressed by the overall quality and performance of the 43 I delivered last year...

Not to mention, I haven't heard of any H-Rs being abandoned when the going got tough, lately... :)
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