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What can you tell from specs?

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What can you tell me about an anonymous boat by these specifications:

LOA (on deck): 26'8"
LWL (waterline): 20'5"
Displacement: 7000 lbs
Ballast: 2900 lbs
Beam: 9'10"
Sail area: 323 sq. ft.
Draft: 3'11"

I'm curious about what relatively unbiased opinions I'll get by not naming the boat in question.
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those specs would not make my list of boats frankly. BUT, I look for a bit more race than cruise in the thing. ALA 20-1 even 22 to 24-1 SA disp ratio. Beam is not too bad. As a comparison, my 29.5' boat is 10'5", 5.5'draft, 24.5' WL, 6100 disp 2400 ballast, and 540sqft with a 155, 100% SA is 385. SA is IIRC 18-1 in 100% mode, and 24-1 in full race sail mode.

The boat you are looking at, does not sound too far out of proportion, other than lack of SA. Maybe a short mast version of something?

On the otherhand, said boat, with said specs, may work very well for your needs. Then if I had 150K or so floating around, I know of a brand building a half a open 60 in a 32' x11' frame! oooo lala! 18 knots downwind in a 32' boat! talk about fun!

There are two E27's on my dock. Whether they are the same version is another story.

If Ericksons are your first choice, there is online an Erickson owners forum and website with quite a bit of info available on it.

1 - 2 of 39 Posts
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