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Buy the boat first, that is usually the hardest choice and thing to do.

Now if it is too big to trailer per say, moorage is the next hardest to do.
You may be able to stay where the boat is, permanently per say, or month to month until you get a spot at a marina closer to you etc. My sister a yr ago did something equal. She bought a catalina 30, was able to keep it at the marina in Seattle she bought it at, then labor day, she moved the boat to Edmonds where she wanted to keep it. I was able to connect her with the local YC I am a member of. We rent from the port 4 slips year around for out reciprocal program. From labor day to memorial day, we will rent out the slips to members first, non 2nd choice as the recips are not used as much. She used one of these slips for 3-4 months or so, until a permanent slip became available in December, then moved to that one.
I on the other hand, was able to find a slip at a marina north of here for a year, whil on the waiting list in edmonds. In the back were some slips on not great docks, if you could find a slip you could fit in, they made it yours per say. There is about 50 of the 1000 or so slips this marina has that were/are like this.

Insurance, loans etc are probably the easiest to deal with vs the buying and moorage part.

Hopefully the two stories I told will give you some hints on what is available to you to succeed in this endeavor.

IIRC, "i don't know" is on third.....which is where I played base ball, so follow the maestro's comments about me, you will be in good shape!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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