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Another thing to keep in mind is the angle of jib lead, you want the sheet to sort of bisect the angle of the clew corner. Or put another way, the sheet, projected "upward" in the same line as it has from block to clew, should bisect the luff, up to maybe 10% above that mid-point. Poor sheet angle will slow you more than you might gain or lose by having the tack itself higher or lower than "standard".
I love coming across little nuggets like this. I have noticed things like this while sailing casually, but about the time I begin to see the correllation the conditions change or I tack, or something changes before I come to really understand what I'm seeing.

Would you mind expanding on your comment, but on a Sesame Street level so that I can picture it in my head as you explain it? Where you lost me is "10% above that mid point." I'm sitting here at my computer trying to imagine from memory what "that mid point" refers to.

Thanks in advance!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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