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What design sailboat for the Alaska waters

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I / we are in the planning stage for a sailboat purchase in about 4 years. We are based out of AK Seward or Homer will be the boat home. Have pretty much decided we will shop along the West coast for a boat and then sail north from there. I / we will be taking all the ASA bareboat classes in the next year and i have my master upgrade /sailing endorsement completed. We were looking at the Hunter boats but then were advised by an instructor that it is not the best boat for the area we were looking at sailing like the Ak cold waters. They suggested to us to look at a narrow beam boat instead of the 13+ beam that hunter gives. So the question is what type of boat should we be looking for in a 40' slope or cutter rig. 40' is more or less the min and max would be about 42' the price is in the area of max 100k but would prefer half of that so the boat would be purchased out right and we can do what upgrades we need to do. Cruising area: For the first year local AK waters and then punch out to HI, wake island and then back along the AK coast line home. Then who know where this may lead up. Any and all suggestions would be very helpful
Thanks Sweepint
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I have an Islander 44. Narrow beam, just 11' however what you may like since you want to stay in cold water is the fuel tank. It is in the keel so there is no temperature changes hence a lot less condensation. The owner before me was in Alaska.

However I have it in a much warmer climate now. There has been 10 44's built and a few more 41's (same as a 44 but 3 feet chopped at the stern) built very strong.
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