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TQA, is it really so hard to catch fish out in the open? I actually heard that often.
This is my second stint cruising, I was on a shoestring the first time for 7 years in the 90s. I almost never caught anything trolling. In those days spearfishing was OK almost everywhere except the Bahamas and I became a good shot. That way I could choose what fish to have for dinner.

I do a little better nowadays in part I think because my boat is faster but there are people who catch a LOT more than I do. I tow 3 lures, one at 200m. one at 150 m and one in the middle skipping on the surface just behind the boat. Just now trolling on passage is hard work as there is a huge amount of sargassum seaweed and this fouls the hooks so every few minutes you pull in the line clear the weed and reset it.

The surest way to catch something is bottom fishing near or on a wreck using a live bait.

Dizzy my cat likes fish and I do OK off the back of the boat in anchorages using chicken skin for bait. I catch small grunts mostly but you get the odd surprise.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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