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This is a picture of the bow of my boat on the day that I first saw her;

That's a 25lb Delta on the bow of an O'day 35.

After I purchased the boat I read in the PO's log several stories of him dragging anchor. The FIRST thing that I did was to give the Delta to a friend with a Sabre 28 (it is too small for that boat too IMHO), and I upgraded to a Rocna 33lb.

Regarding the alternator issue, I would have first switched off all of the circuit breakers, but left the battery switch on, in the hope that something was causing the VR to ask for more juice (doubtful, but worth a try). If that didn't work, as you did, I would pull the field wire. Was it a stock VR / Alternator - or a Balmar or other exotic voltage regulator? I suspect that the VR was causing the issue.
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