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We switched to a larger Delta from a CQR on the previous boat. Any time it blew over 25 we started dragging. Never had this problem before.
Loose the DELTA. If the Mantus won't fit look at Manson or Ronca. I had the same fit problem w/ Mantus and Ronca fit.
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I had the same Alternator and regulator purchased new. The regulator has a warm up delay before it starts to load the alternator. If I throttled up to soon the voltage would quickly rise above 15v. If I throttled back to idle and throttled up again the voltage would be ok.
I did the diagnostic tests in the manual for the regulator and recorded the voltages at various rpm's per their instructions. Attemted to call Balmar customer service. Got nowhere. Emailed and finally got a response. The reply was the regulator was working properly. NOT! Their customer service is the worst I've ever attempted to work w/. Will never buy another Balmar product.

BTW I had originally installed a new Balmar w/ the regulator and within a month it filled the boat w/ smoke and was fried. Defender took it back and gave me full credit.
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