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You have this on a Bristol 26? Seems like a bit of electronic overkill. From my brief over view you should be able to view anything on the NMEA 2000 network via an android or iOS device. If you hook it up to a router/access point that is connected to marina WiFi you likely would be able to remote in and check on the electronics from any internet connection. So if you want to know the winds speed or direction in the marina then you could tell via the app while at work. Not that much of it would useful, unless you have some sort of web cams to check out what is going on on board. One would hope the speed over ground would be 0 while in a slip! I suppose you could hook it up to a MiFi or similar device you should be able to connect to the boat whenever it is within cell phone range. So if you had someone else on the boat near shore you might be able to keep an "eye" on them.

I could see this being useful as a second station say at a chart table so you could see it on an iPad or such, or a racing boat to give multiple people a view of conditions. But on a small cruiser it seems like gross overkill and not the easiest way to go. Look for some posts from Bene505 he has a set up with some webcams he can access via remote connections.
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