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What happened to Bernard Moitessier''s films?

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What happened to Bernard Moitessier''''s films?

I just finished "The Long Way". Does anyone know what became of the movie film Bernard shot during his 1968-69 voyage?
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What happened to Bernard Moitessier''''s films?

I would also like to find more information on this movie film.

I did find an Italian Maritime Museum that sold a documentary of The Long Way (La lunga rotta) which contains black and white footage from this film. The narration was all in Italian, and the musical soundtrack was annoying but the images are well worth it.

At about 26 minutes in length, it''s a small sample, but it was worth buying. Oh, and the copy I got was in PAL format, and I had to have it copied to NTSC format before I could view it.

I''d love to find out about additional sources of footage, or even the original raw film if it''s available.

You can find it here:

La lunga rotta
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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