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What Happened to the "Classifieds"?

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With all the active viewers of this site I am surprized that there are so few Classifieds. All of us have extra "stuff". How come no one is posting it for sale?
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There is a Classifieds section under Quick Menu in the upper left corner of the page. Also accessed from the Resources drop down at the top of the page. In addition, there is a Boat Buyers and Sellers forum.

That said, we aren't trying to turn SailNet into another Craig's List or eBay, both of which do what they do exceptionally well. For that reason, and to combat the amount of porn that used to be posted in those areas, you must be a member for one year and have 50 posts in order to post an item for sale.
But after that we can post all the porn we want? :laugher
It stopped the drive bys. :)

I confess, I had never looked at that part of the site before. Denise's sewing machine looks like a good deal, but I doubt it'd be cost-effective to ship it to Minnesota.
Thanks for the tip. I've been thinking about getting one...
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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