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I built a 35' steel hull in the eighties and then sold it. I had purchased considerable gear to outfit it but because the project took a different turn I ended up storing everything all these years.

Now I need to sell it all but I don't know how to price it. What I can get I suppose? But I have stuff like a new #555 Simpson-Lawrence stainless windless, or paired self-tailing stainless Enkes winches. Everything is new, unused and has to go.

I had an 80's era Defender catalogue but now cannot find it--it would have been helpful to see some of the old prices I paid.

If anyone has some of the old gear catalogues or an idea how to price this stuff, let me know. I have begun to search for individual items or equivalents but some things I have are no longer in existence, i.e., a propane gas, stainless, Shipmate Stove, two-burner with oven, manufactured by Shipmate when it was a division of the Richmond Ring co.

I have a spreadsheet of about 40 items. All new gear, never used. I am in the process of photographing everything, so will eventually be able to include photos when I respond to inquiries.

Craigslist may be the only way to deal with this stuff, item by item.
The 555 Windlass will be worth quite a lot new and unused. I sold a serviceable but much used one for $850 several years ago, about 30 minutes after I posted its availability on line. The winches will likely be worth quite a lot as well and should be priced against current prices for similar sized gear at 65% to 70% of new prices. Hardware will still be useful, especially so if spares are still available. Old electronics would likely be considered worthless although some of the old equipment was more robust than what is available today. N'any case, good luck!
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