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In the picture below...What is the part circled in red? (not a photo of my engine)

When I was bleeding my fuel lines i was not able to get fuel to flow passed this part (into the injector line) unless I loosened that circled part. I don't know why that was but once it was loosened I was able to get fuel to flow into the injector line and push out the trapped air.

Based on other bleeding procedures I have never heard this before and my manual doesn't outline it either.

Also on a side note...
Will Seafoam and anti-algae additives be filtered out by the fuel/water filter separator?
I wouldn't think so, being liquid. However, any deposits or debris that the additives break free or partially dissolve will hopefully stay in the filter. I think some additives "absorb" water to be burned with the fuel. I know from my experience that this does:

Power Service Products is America's largest manufacturer of technologically advanced diesel fuel additives.

Paul T
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