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There is always a demand for sailboat trailers, selling it would be no problem. To be very desirable it would need brakes. There should at least be a square plate just behind the wheel where brakes can be attached. Older trailers may not have the brakes or fittings, but are still good for yard trailers. Launching in slings from the trailer is no problem at most marinas, I do it just to keep my valuable trailer from rusting out so quickly.

To have your boat on a trailer nearby is so fantastic, you can work on it whenever you want, plus of course always keep an eye on it and check that all is well. Sometimes I take a sleeping bag and sleep on it for fun, make coffee in the morning. Or hang out for a bit and dream or think of possibilities - where could I add a wood stove??

I can see four of mine just looking out the kitchen window! :cool:
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