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whats new on your north american (spirit) sailboat

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so what have you been doing on your spirit this summer ?
i replaced my fuel line thinking that was the problem with my outboard it
was not but i am glad i did it anyway .

been doing some cleaning and caulking around the windows . as soon as i get a cool day i am going to scrub down all of the below decks area

fall ,winter and spring is when i do most of my sailing . i have registered to take my 103/104 classes during the harvest moon reggata sailing from port aransas to galveston ,tx
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I gave up and replaced my Mercury 7.5 electric start with a MinnKota 55# thrust trolling motor. Installed a 12W solar panel and dual battery controller.

Never looked back. Very quiet and reliable. Pushes my 23K at over 1.5 kts with a full charge. Even if the battery fails the panel can still power the boat at 0.1 kts. Slow but manuverable.

thats a great idea , didnt think a trolling motor would push it , be great for emergency back up. because they really throw a huge hessy fit if someone sails into the marina .
i have to be honest it would scare me to death anyway..

i have sailed up to mooring balls but you mess up you just go around .
I use mine as a teaching boat and often have students sail up to the gas docks for practice. Its a great confidence builder. In and out of the marina under sail to show them it can be done and not to panic if the motor won't start.

Hahaha, the gas attendant has stopped running out to see if I want any gas.
Working on the swing keel cable and new centerboard. Also prettied up my galley setup adn added the faucet and pump but I haven't gotten pictures of that yet. Look for pics in the "Spirit 23 in Charlotte'" thread.
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