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first sailed january 2008
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It's very dead it the PNW forum.

But things will be here before we know it. The winter seems to be dragging on but it's February now and feb is a short month. Then march. There's a lot of rain in march but April, may. When do you all plan on starting any sailing or cruising plans you have? And does anyone here have any plans they would like to share? Trips, races you are looking forward too. Maybe some spring upgrading you've got planned and are excite about?

I am having a tough time deciding where I want to go. I think I'm going to always start daydreaming in winter about how this is the year I sail to Hawaii and fiji. Or Mexico or who knows. My head is full of big plans. Pretty soon ill hve every forum plastered with questions about sailing offshore. I don't know where I will go but I think I can confidently say at least the broughton's.

When do you think I should schedule for my boat to be put in the water?

Logistically I've got to go a few days early and do whatever projects I have planned and put the sails and batteries on. Thoroughly clean and dry everything and put one more coat of bottom paint at least. Start this year and this boat off on the right foot. I want to do everything but know that I shouldn't since I want to sail some too...

So last year I started in port townsend which I'm convinced has the worst weather in the entire Salish sea. April was horrendous but may. May started to get there and June was great.(maybe not in PT, I was gone) I'm thinking sometime may 1-15. Is this about when others launch as well? Don't forget many of you have had 20 seasons or more. I've had one. So I don't really know. But I do know I've got a heater now hahaha. No no. I've got two heaters!
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