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FWIW, the ASA awards annually a number of outstanding instructor the year awards based on student feedback provided directly to ASA. The 2013 list is here:
American Sailing Association

Up through 2012 ASA also issued outstanding school of the year awards, this recognition was discontinued in 2012.

I would say you can bet any of the 30 or so instructors who get this recognition out of the several thousand ASA instructors, are very good at what they do. So look around, I can tell you this, when you find a school like ASA sailing school, club, & charters in Boston, Massachusetts and an instructor (Brenton Lochridge) who have received these recognition awards five years in a row, you are looking at the best.

And for folks who find Boston a distant port, check out his winter schedule in the BVI..

PS - I have worked with Brenton on and off in the past...
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