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Hi All...

Based upon the advice I got in this thread about rigging a Cunningham:

I am planning to add a plate under my mast. This will give me a mounting point for blocks that will let me run the Cunningham and clue outhaul aft.

Right now my mast is down, and it goes back up Monday or Tuesday. I won't have time to get a plate before then, but the reason for the post is that my mast step is interesting.

I'll post some photos, but there is a mast step on the deck that comes up above the deck a few inches. This step is exactly the same size and shape as the mast. There is a rectangular hole in it.

The base of the mast has a rectangular key that fits into the opening on the step, I guess to keep it from sliding in any direction. The mast just sits on this step, and does not hang over it or anything. If you didn't know the bottom few inches was step, you would think the mast was all one piece to the deck.

Is there any reason I can't put a plate between the step and the mast? of course the plate would need a rectangular hole for the key to pass through. The plate would then hover over the deck a few inches but I guess there is no harm in that.

Can someone recommend someone who makes custom mast step plates?


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