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Where Would Taxes Occur?

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Scenario: buy a boat in Canada, sail to Washington State within days and register there. Leave in WA for six months and then sail back to Canada for six months. After one year, move boat to California.
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Is the boat canadian registered currently?
where do you reside?

What color is the boat?
Home port

My situation is easier... I moore in one town and cross the inlet to store it for the winter. I get a 'tax' bill for where its moored.
Suspecting Canada is somewhat like a giagantic Massachusetts [sorry!] re taxation, You will likely pay at the home port. I'd be surprised if you got a bill from the travel destination. You may have to wait for the 'one world government for that to take place :hothead
I am assuming you are a US resident and you do not live in Canada.

You buy the boat in canada. Since you are US resident, you do not have to pay taxes in Canada.

Once you reach US waters you will have to pay taxes. Next pay your registration.

Back to Canada, no taxes to pay. It is already done.

Moving to California, same - nothing to pay.

In case you are Canadian or you have permanent residence in Canada.

When you are back in Canada with your boat registered in US, you may apply for a temporary storage or use of Canadian waters to avoid paying taxes for a stay longer than 3 months. You might involve need of emercency repairs to have your request approved by Canadian Cost Guard. This way you will save Canadian Taxes.

Hope this help.
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