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I have a transom-hung wooden rudder. It is basically a 6 foot long slab of teak or mahogany that has weathered varnish above the waterline and chipping bottom paint below. I scraped away some of the bottom paint and found what looks like old varnish underneath.

Even though the boat will mostly live on the trailer and be in the water for only a week or two at a time, I am considering wrapping the rudder below the waterline in glass and epoxy and fairing it. Or is that a bad idea, letting any water that might get into the bottom part of the rudder just stay there a cause rot? Am I better off just varnishing the whole thing? Is it better to glass it all? If I fair with teak flour and epoxy, then glass with clear epoxy and project with a few coats of varnish, it would still look wooden and I might see any trouble before it gets too bad. Is that a good plan or am I missing something?
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