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I don't want to start an epic war between sailnet'ers about what paint is the best, or which works better etc... but I'm going to haul my boat out on Friday for a couple coats of paint and I'd like to get some opions!

In order to reduce the amount of back and forth I'll try and be as specific as possible.

I'm looking at ablative paints (since that is what is on there already). I'm unsure of what brand/kind is on the bottom currently as this is the first time I've needed to put fresh paint on since I bought the boat.

I'm Moored in fresh water, but spend time out in saltwater (aprox a month a year).

I live in the Seattle area and do all of my sailing around the puget sound area...

I plan on power washing the bottom and (hopefully) if the bottom looks clean (IE no chipping etc) roll on the new bottom paint... so I'm looking for a paint that can adapt to what is on the bottom curently. The boat has been a PNW boat for a while, so I'm assuming the paint that is on there was aquaired locally...

I've searched the forums briefly, and have not seen a good resource to answer this kind of question... it's possible that I'm search-challenged, so if this has already been debated (I'd be shocked to hear that it hasn't been) any links would be very helpful!

Any Suggestions?

Thanks again!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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