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Which Ensign should I fly?

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I will be sailing a vessel that is registered in both the U.S. Virgin Islands and on the British Small Ships Register. I intend to take her into the Spanish Virgin Islands and the BVI.

While I am in the USVI, does anyone know whether I should be flying a Red Ensign with a USVI courtesy pennant, flying the Stars and Stripes or the USVI flag?

When in either of the other two jurisdictions, obviously I need the appropriate courtesy pennant but which ensign?

Any advice gratefully received
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From my understanding it is a US boat in US waters and a British boat in British Territory waters.

Is the boat registered in the USVI and USCG documented?

If you are a dual national then this also applies to your nationality in the US you have no right to British consular services and in British territory you have no right to US consular services.

The Spanish Virgin Island are part of Puerto Rico US territory. Contact customs and immigration for BVI, USVI and Puerto Rico for specific requirements for entry.

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A vessel cannot be USCG documented and Red Ensign Group Registered, but it can be state registered and Red Ensign Group Registered.
Well I know Pennsylvania and Delaware, title is optional but registration required even if a non-US boat. PA and DE don't give a damn where your boat is titled as long as you have a title or bill of sale with notary from somewhere.

The Red Ensign Group does not care or recognise a US state registration.

I have talked with a number of cruisers from the UK (also green card holders) who have maintained UK (Red Ensign) registration and hold PA registration for their extended stay in the US.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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