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Which gen-set do you have?

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I am in need of a gen-set. I have an Endeavour 33 that has enough room for a small footprint unit. Currently I am using a Honda EU2000 that I carry on deck for my trips. It works great for my purposes, but I am looking for a more permanent solution. I would like to have at least 3kw to run the air conditioner if possible.Thanks for your suggestions.
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I'm very pleased with my Next Generation diesel genset that's built with a 12hp Kubota....very low maintenance and reliable. 'take care and joy, Aythya crew
I had MasterVolt 3.5, although reliable and easy on maintenance, it was very bad on noise and vibration. Wouldn't have one again. My actual EU2000 is enough to run our 12.000BTU Vector alone, and it's perfect for charging batts, microwave, etc ... but I'm also looking for a permanent mount. My pick will be the Onan 5KVA. I had the opportunity to look at several instalations on 40+ feets boats and its very low noise and vibration (runs at 2900 rpm).
My previous boat (Catalina 30) had a aftermarket 4KW diesel generator(German brand??) in the cockpit lazrette. It was extremely noisy, even with the soundproofing material. Plus the maintence of a impeller, fuel was a major PITA. On my new to me boat (Endeavourcat 30) I bought a Honda EU2000I and am so pleased with it. I just put the genny on the forward deck and can barely hear it hum while we are in the cockpit. It charges my batteries and runs our hatch air conditioner. My endeavourcat 30 is also has a gas outboard so only one type of jerry can to bring. I am sure this will be a disadvantage to all who have an inboard diesel. I would stick with the Honda.
We have a Westerbeke 4.3Kw genset installed in our engine room which is located under the cockpit (center cockpit boat). It handles all of the charging and will run the AC and heat.

Due to the central location, we found it noisy inside the cabin. Outside, the only noticeable noise is the water splashing out of the exhaust.

I think Westerbeke makes a 3.8 Kw now, it looks the same as mine.

We used it almost daily during a six month trip to the Bahamas. We have a fairly high electrical requirement on our boat and found that running it two hours a day was required to maintain the batteries if we were not moving the boat and charging with the engine. We usually ran it an hour in the morning and and hour in the evening.

This allowed the use of the AC when we were cooking if the cabin was heating up. Plus we could use the microwave or convection oven without draining the batteries too much. The inverters took care of other AC electrical requirements.

The genset made our Bahamas trip more comfortable and when cruising locally allowed us to comfortably extend our season. I think it is a good idea to have one installed if you have the room.

Be sure to install and maintain a Carbon Monoxide detector. It is possible in situations where a strong current opposes the wind to get exhaust gas in the air intakes of the AC or into the cabin if you have the hatches and ports open.
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Wow. Great feedback here. I also have an EU2000, which meets my immediate needs but does not make me the most popular guy in the raft at 8am when I start her up. I was also hoping for something to use while underway. I have rather limited space (what sailor doesn't), so the Panda looked very appealing. However, I've read some horror stories about Panda after-sale support, service and reliability. I have a Westerbeke engine which has been solid (with a few replacements, of course) and is easy to get serviced. The Westerbeke enclosure looks pretty large, though. The Next-Gen looks rather appealing. A kubota engine is about as standard as you can get. However, the Westerbeke runs at about 1800rpm vs 2600 or so for the Next-Gen. I like the idea of a lower RPM engine.

I'm thinking of either a 3.5kw or a 5kw AC genset. I really only need to run a shore battery charger and an AC hot water heater, so 3kw would work, but I like to over-engineer.

Any thoughts?
I'm on my second Fischer Panda and am still happy. The current one (a Fischer Panda 5000) is underneath the floorboards with the standard enclosure, then I surrounded it on 5 sides with Whispermat and now I can barely tell that the genset is running when in main cabin, up top I can't hear or feel a thing.
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Stay away from the high reving sets like Fisher-Panda and Mastervolt. Diesel motors don't like to run at very high speeds for long periods. F-P has had cooling problems and they have redesigned their systems in the last few years - I don't have any experience with the new design but the two F-P's I have had have been thrown away after blown head gaskets, warped heads, and many $ in repairs. I now have a Northern lights that is just as quiet but 5-6 times the size of the F-P.
The Westerbeke units run at about 1800 rpm, which makes it appealing for just that reason. Their 4kw unit is just a lot bigger and heavier. Like most sailors I have pretty limited space. But of course the fact that it IS bigger and heavier probably lends to its reliability.

I'm also mostly a weekend cruiser, not a trans-atlantic sailor. The generator isn't going to get all that much use. If I put 100 hours on it a year I'd be surprised.

I have heard horror stories about FP reliability and also their customer service, but the unit looks really appealing otherwise.
I'm also mostly a weekend cruiser, not a trans-atlantic sailor. The generator isn't going to get all that much use. If I put 100 hours on it a year I'd be surprised.
That's why when my 10 year old FP gives up the ghost I'll probably replace it with the exact same thing..... or as has been said... the "newer improved model". ;)
Well... since you're in Wickford and I'm in Edgewood if if the Panda doesn't work out I'll sail down there and we can commiserate over a martini.
I probably would need a few Martini's to ease the pain of the replacement cost. And as for changing brands.... especially to a larger footprint unit - not an option.... I have Zero Sq. Inches to spare :( They did an amazing job of shoehorning in that genset and an A/C unit in that little area under the port side sliding pilothouse door :cool: On your 46 ...... heck you could have that big genset powering a washer and dryer..... ;)
We run an Entec West

The Entec West unit may well have the smallest footprint out there. It uses the same engine as the FP, the Faryman Diesel which is very reliable. Mine fits in the cockpit sail locker on our IP35. Anything else would have required some structural modification.

At 4.2KV is runs a 16K BTU AC without issue and it is quite quiet although it does run at 3600 RPM. They offer an optional centrifigual water pump that runs off the generator output and eliminates the chore of replacing impellers.

It is also reasonably priced compared to many other units.
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