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I am interested in buying a brand new boat,
which one of these do you think is the best?

Beneteau Oceanis 40CC
Lagoon 410
Lagoon 4300
Alliaura Privil`ege 37

in terms of comfort, space (for 2-3 people),
design, beauty, material, workmanship, appeal... etc

If your best is not among my list,
please let me know too, I''ll check it out.


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Search for "nearly new" boats. There seem to
be a few Jeanneaus and Bene''s in your length
range that are just a few years old and show
like new. It would be quite a savings! The
normal questions arise...what area do you plan to cruise in? How many? Sailing
experience level? Mono vs multi? Etc.
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