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Ive decided to buy a sportboat, but cant decided on which. I really like the J70, but its out of my prize range. Looking to spend around $10.000.

I am looking for a 20-25feet sailboat without trapezes. The Humphreys 22 looks perfect, but i cant find any suitable boats for sale.

Any suggestions?
Yes, post this question in the "Sport Boat Anarchy" subforum on Sailing Anarchy.

I am not sure they qualify as "sport boats", but if I were looking at your price range, I would hone in on an Olson 30 or a Hobie 33 - both legendary speedboats that will plane or surf, and can be used for offshore singlehanded/doublehanded ocean racing. Also, they both have a little bit of interior accommodations for an overnight or weekend cruise if you like to be uncomfortable.
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