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White smoke coming from my Perkins 4108?

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We just came back from a motor on our sail boat. Were at 2000 rpm’s going and 2100 rpm’s coming home. Few miles each way. When coming home it was a bit of nasty weather wise. Two blade prop and a 36 foot boat 1700lbs. Why would we get white smoke from the exhaust and what does it indicate? I thought it was from overheating but the Perkins never got over 190 if the gauge is correct. About a 1000 hours on the 1978 motor.
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I just wrote a very long post for you and the system ate it...I don't have it in me again...Sorry

Short answer steam or unburnt /fired fuel one or the other..smell it it will tell you.
Nigel Calder sez

"Lack of Compression, Water in the fuel, Air in the fuel, Defective injector, Cracked cylinder head/leaking head gasket"
Well I will be smelling exhaust and checking over the Perkins tonight.
The max continuous operating rpm is 3000 so 2100 seems fine although I may go down to 18000.
The Perkins manual was not much help on this but did give a few suggestions like oil in air cleaner or Piston Sizure :( worn valve stems etc.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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