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Who makes a windlass with a 3/8 BBB gypsy??

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My nilsson 1000 broke due to 35 yrs hard service and I am now replacing it. The problem I am running into is finding a maker that still has BBB as an option for the chainwheel. I could just buy 300 ' of HT I suppose , but the price in Grenada is 22.00 a ft ECD which equates to about 2450.00USD This makes it waaaaaay out of my range. Does anyone know of a windlass manufacturer that can supply a 3/8 BBB gypsy? I can tell you that Lofrans does not.

Oh Yea My boat is a 44' 36000 lb monohull.

I was considering the lewmar V3
Lofrans project 1500x3
maxwell vwc 2200
Nilsson 2200

Any info would be great !
Thanks , Kevin.
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My Simpson and Lawrence windlass handles 5/16 BBB or G4 chain. These are now sold thru Lewmar (or owned by them not sure).

It looks like their horizontal H3 with the 506 gypsy takes 3/8 BBB chain. Mine is vertical and is a dual gyspy that handles both rode and chain.

The gypsy I have fits both the 5/16 hi test and 3/8 BBB. It is the same gypsy. Try looking for one listed for 5/16 hi test.
See the Lofrans Tigre 1200 model.
Thanks for the tips , I can't believe that no one makes a gypsy for 3/8 BBB yet it is still widely sold everywhere. Can that really be the case? I would much prefer to stick with the vertical since the deck is already set up that way, and I really enjoy the versatilty of the vert capstan.
Just a thought..I have a very old Nilsson windlass that was corroded and in bad shape. I decided to rebuild. Nilsson sent me the parts ($500/us) and I had the starter motor rewound ($100/us). Works like a champ now. Nilsson was great in helping me figure out what I needed.
I've heard that Beneteau US has gone to Quick. Beneteau in UK has offered Quick on some boats for at least two years, and I installed a Quick Hector for 3/8" chain on our boat two years ago.

Quick® Italy - High Quality Nautical Equipment
Yes Beneteau is using Quick. Ours is a Antares model, vertical 3/8. It can handle BBB but HT runs through it better.
Looks like Ideal and Maxwell use BBB. Took about 2 minutes looking at Defender.
My B393 came with a Lewmar 3/8 BBB. I thought the windlass looked a bit light for the boat, more suitable for decoration on a power boat but the unit has worked flawlessly for the last five years cruising, anchoring all the time.
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