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Why are Nonsuch's so much?

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First off I like them esthetically, but I don't think they are for me. I keep seeing 30-36 footers listed for around $60,000 to $80,000 while other boats in that same size and quality have dropped way down. While many of these look to be well maintained, many don't look like they have had much in the way of updates. That makes sense given there KISS kind of style. Just an example:

1985 Nonsuch 30 with Ultra Layout | eBay

Is this person just dreaming or do they really sell at that price? Heck that one has no new electronics, original worn upholstery, granted it does look good on the outside.

They seem to be well made boats, but not that much better than other quality brands. I understand they have a unique rig and layout, but that has as many downsides as it does up sides. Heck it they really were the rig/layout to beat all there would be other companies making them. Why are they seeming to get about twice the money other equally well built boats? Heck they are listed at twice the price of many CS yachts. I just don't get it. Heck most of them have the propane water heaters that are not even installed in accordance with ABYC.

And I am not griping because they are out of my price range (though they are), just they don't seem to really be able to justify there price. It is not like they are a Hinkley or some hand made exotic boat.
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High quality, decent performance, simplicity and huge accommodations for a given length make this a pretty appealing package. The only downside seems to be sail plan flexibility.

Has JeffH weighed in on the nonsuch?
One of the great things about the Nonsuch is it only has only one sail to deal with. One of the bad things is it has only one sail! :) As the marine architect who turned me onto the Nonsuch said it is sailing simplicity. My sail has provisions for three reefs though I only have rigged two and I can do all reefing from the cockpit. Some days while sitting in the cockpit nursing a boat drink I contemplate how I could rig up an emergency sail. Since the mast is unstayed and is essentially a big round stick it looks like it would be fairly easy to rig up. I may try it one day if I get ambitious enough. Though I doubt I ever need it considering my current sailing plans.
How does reefing effect balance? By the 2nd or 3rd reef the center of effort has been moved significantly forward.

And any storm sail smaller than that would push it even farther forward risking significant lee helm.
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