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Go to and compare the drawings for a Nonsuch 30 to those for a Catalina 30 (just as an example). The Nonsuch has over a foot more beam, it has quite a bit more "blunt" bow (what's the official term for this?), and it carries that beam WAAYYY aft. The overall result is that the Nonsuch has a LOT more interior volume. And, that extra beam undoubtedly gives the Nonsuch more initial stability, so I would expect that she sails a bit flatter in most conditions. Hinterhoeller also has quite a bit better reputation for quality than many (most?) other builders. They aren't particularly fast boats. But that also means that a 20 or 30 y.o. Nonsuch is far less likely to have experienced the sort of use and abuse that comes with racing.

Put it all together and I don't think it too much of a surprise that Nonsuch boats command such a premium price.
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