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WIFI, Gofree with basic IS20 devices.

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I installed the IS20/Combi Wind simrad units.. these are older (4 or 5 years) simrad devices that show depth, speed, temp, apparent, and true wind. I also added a tiller pilot (TP22 simrad) which adds to the simnet (think of it as NMEA 2000) compass heading... Then I added (hopefully no way to test inside my pole barn yet) a NMEA 0183 interface Standard Horizon Explorer 1700 GPS with DSC, it talks to the tiller pilot, which as best I can tell the tiller pilot accepts that GPS data stream as if it were a "chartplotter" to allow for "steer to waypoint." Not sure about that one, but it'd be worth a shot to see once it hits the water... and it's not a huge concern to me if it doesn't do that.

But I THINK that also means the Tiller pilot takes that NMEA0183 stream and adds that data to the NMEA 2000 stream (simnet)..

My point is, I have all this cool information now streaming on a "Standard" bus now, and I was wondering if I could get the Gofree WIFI adapter here GoFree WIFI-1 module - Simrad Marine Electronics and get all that useful information now on my phone or tablet?

The gofree is a $199 device, and doesn't really look all that invasive. If it provides me more information, and allows me to throw up my Navionics at the same time or something... I dunno I could make some kind of poor mans multi-function display (or at least that is where my pea brain was thinking)...

Looking at the specs for the gofree, it seems like they are saying it really only works with their NSS chartplotters, using an app to remote display it for the device...

My question I guess is... if I spent $199 can I get all taht same data displayed on my phone that I have on my network somewhere. Can I do anything ELSE with that data once I have it?
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Wow good info!
Interesting. Ok maybe I'll put an inexpensive chartplotter on my "wish" list.

My goal is not to limit my boat to the lake I presently sail. I want the boat to be ready for dragging down and dropping on larger water for a couple weeks at a time. The thought was maybe acquire a slip in warmer waters for like the month of November, and keep the boat there to see A) how I like it with the longer drive an B) to explore different areas to see how I do. So my goal for this boat is a much larger one.

Several destinations are doable, are Chesapeake, and inland towards TN (where my brother lives)... I could keep the boat locally to him, allow him to sail it while I'm not there, and come down and sail it with him when I can manage the time. Final destination would be north, so would require losing some time locally (away from our race schedule) would be any one of the finger lakes. Some are a reasonable drive from my house 2-3 hours.

The thought has also occurred to me that I could move my boat to northeastern NJ lots of options there. My biggest gripe with doing that is the extra expense to have the boat there, and the nearly doubling of time it'd take to get there.

Anyway, thanks for the replies.
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1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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