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Hi Melody:

My wife and I ran an online business from the road for 18 months while traveling the US in our motor coach (2009-2010). We used a Verizon air card and a wireless router to provide internet service to two computers (and a printer). The air card plugged into a USB port in the router. For $60 per month we had available 5G of data transfer. It worked well in most locations where Verizon Wireless cell service was available. It sounds as if the 4G Hotspot of which Gary speaks might be a "next generation" iteration of the air card. As with the 4G Hotspot, our air card cost about $200. Only once did we go over 5Gs of usage in a month, and we did a lot of volume, but consistently used 3-4Gs.

As far as wifi goes, my experience is that almost everyone secures their signal. However, more and more businesses are providing free wifi (Panera Bread, Starbucks, etc.). So, the wifi extender may be a viable option in certain locations, and it can certainly help to ensure that you don't exceed your 5G allotment.

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