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Sailing last weekend was raising the a little tight at the very top so I put the line on my winch cranked it and the line overlapped on itself around the winch. It was stuck. After a second of "uh oh" i grabbed a screwdriver to use as a marlin spike and battled with the line to free up the trapped end to free it. I was lucky it wasnt very windy. How does this happen with the line wrapping over itself? Yes I wrapped it clockwise by the way.
Winch overrides often occur when the lead in angle is too shallow and/or, the shoulder on the bottom of the winch barrel isn't smooth enough to allow the line to slide into the wrap and force the wrap upward. Ideally the lead in angle should be at least 10º (i.e. "Up" to the bottom shoulder of the winch barrel). You may need to add a pad under the winch to provide that. The classic fix for the problem is to fasten a spare line to the loaded line with a rolling hitch and "cross sheet" that to another winch, taking the tension off the override.
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