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Wind Speed and Direction - On the cheap but not frustrating

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Can you post some details about your wind systems - especially if you added a system to a 40+-year-old boat?

I would like to add a wind speed/direction system. I have nothing for wind right now but would like to wire the mast before we splash this summer. I found some mast cable, and the display for an old Datamarine system on ebay for around $200 but the transducer is almost $900.

Thank you!!
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NASA Marine sells a relatively inexpensive transducer and display for ~$290 shipped to US: Nasa Clipper Wind System V2 (010.023)

You beat me to it.

My RM died and I replaced with a NASA wireless unit. About a year but so far so good. I run it through. Yacht Devices router and then it drives my ST-60 units. AND I get it on all my iPhone and Android chart apps.

Look ti buying direct from NASA in the UK. I found that the most coat efficient method.
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Wifi, nothing special.

The wifi goes to a base station that outputs 0183 NMEA. They sell compatiable instruments, very reasonable.

I bought one, not sure the other set up would work, but it did just work. So I still have my RM 60+ master and remote.

I mounted it on my radar mast. Because I have a steel boat and may not reach the base. And because at 72 I don't need any more stuff on the mast head where I have to climb to fix. Seemsnto work just fine where it is, maybe reports a little less than mast head, but direction seems spot on.
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