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The trifoiler was never a huge commerical success (<200 boats) as it is a limited use sailboat that needs 12-15 knots of wind to get it to go and it needs a beach with car access typically to get it launched. Never the less it is phenominally robust and well built and it is very fast - I have sailed at 35 knots (40 MPH) with a GPS. It does not break down underway easily but a good walk around is required before going sailing to ensure that all is as it should be. It is very stable at speed and also easy to sail - it is far more work to get in and out of the water than it is to use and it is a stable platform that automatically adjusts for altitude above the water. It does not heel at all even when pulling a gybe at full speed. The prototype still holds it's speed record in Class A cats at over 43 knots but it was a smaller boat with some differences in configuration over the stock hull.

Dan Ketterman is a VP at Hobie. He and his Brother Greg (the designer) still sail their boats regularly.

The trifoiler is still the worlds fastest production sailboat and a very cool ride.
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