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I have a 2001 Windrider's a very fun boat, kinda like having your own roller coaster (I bought it used for around $5,000). I have heard that the Rave is sturdier than the Trifoiler, however the Trifoiler is a slightly faster boat. I know the Rave can be prone to pitchpole if the mainsheet isn't released quickly enough, and once pitchpoled it is unlikely to be righted without assistance from another boat. Also if the Rave was stored in freezing weather, there was a problem with the Rave's rotomolded polyethylene hull contracting more than the aluminum frame inside it, causing a tendency for the frame to break through the hull near the rudder. The polyethylene plastic hull could be plastic welded back toghether though, and Windrider came up with a fairly simple fix to prevent it from happening in the first place. The Rave is awkward at the dock, but once out on the water it is awesome. I just made an outboard engine mount so hopefully having an outboard will make docking easier for me as I have always singlehanded it.

Some people complain that parts constantly break on the Trifoiler, but I don't have any experience with Trifoilers. Also I believe the Trifoiler hull is more fragile being made out of fiberglass.

Maybe the manufacturers didn't market the boats well enough, or maybe some of the problems listed above scared off buyers, or maybe there just aren't that many people interested in sailing around at 30mph when conditions permit (the Rave can go faster but it's only designed to handle the forces at 30mph, and will likely start to dismast or break something by 45mph which is about the fastest I've heard of a Rave going).
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