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Either will work just fine. May have circumnavigated with each.

May I suggest that you contact Scanmar and/or check out their web site to see how the Monitor is attached to a T37. They'll have the photos and sell you the requisite tubing made for its attachment to your boat.

With regard to the Aries, Helen Franklin used to sell parts for the unit. Her operation is/was in England, but I am not sure she is still in business. There is an Aries operation in Denmark that will be worth checking out. You may need to make your own tubing, but it is a simpler attachment than the Monitor.

As to an emergency rudder, take a look at what Mike Keyworth has posted as to his solution with a Galerider. It is fascinating and looks like the way to go.

Emergency Steering with a Drogue: A New Approach - Newport Bermuda Race
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