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Wing on Wing, disconnecting the Whisker pole

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I'm trying to figure out the best way to disconnect the Whisker pole from the jib and mast. I've done some reading, and haven't found this specific issue addressed. A friend who has more experience, suggested disconnecting the pole from the mast first. This seemed like a bad idea to me, as you then basically have a spear connected ot a lot of power you may not be able to control. But....did I listen to my logic? Oh, No! With him at the helm and me at the mast, I disconnected the pole at the mast. Well...this was weeks ago and my hand has healed now, but I was lucky! Yesterday, I tried to disconnect the pole from the jib first and found it difficult with tension on the sheet. Now, I'm thinking probably the best method is to jibe the main, in order to cover the jib and disconnect the pole without tension on it (this is how I furl the jib and it seems pretty obvious to me now. Fortunately I still have ten fingers :p ) Thoughts?
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First off all - "wing on wing" is a slow and unstable point of sail. Unless the wind is strong, you would better VMG on a deep reach.
We were in light air, but we went from a deep run, doing just over two knots (over ground), to Wing on Wing, doing just over 4. Why do I see racing boats using spinnakers in light air? Are they not maximizing sail area like I am Wing on Wing?
If you have a Yankee 30 mkII, just for an example, your 150% genoa is 381 sq. ft., and a spinnaker is 778 sq. ft. Main and spin would have close to double the sail area of main and genoa.
Obviously, the sail area ( and complexity) is greater with a kite, but the principle is the same. Maximizing the sail area on a downwind reach. Am I missing something?
Oh, and the goose dies
Don't make me use the M word!:p
(inside joke for those who were not there (be thankful!)).
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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