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Winter cover

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Well it's time to put the boat on the hard for the winter. I've never used a cover in the past, but I would like to cover at least the cockpit this winter. I would be interested in hearing what others use for frames and covers.


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We, too, have a custom cover. It is a bear to wrestle on/off each year, but offers great protection:

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WOW that is some cover!

1. It appears you leave the boat in the water all winter?

2. You have a tubular support apparatus under the cover?

3. Who made it?
1. Yes, we stay in for the winter and haul-out during mid-summer.

2. The cover is supported by the boom and three halyards over the forepeak (genoa, staysail, and spinnaker). There is no skeleton or frame. But I do lay about half a dozen thin strips of wood (about 2"x1/4"x14') over the boom, to give the cover a bit of extra rigidity (mostly to resist flapping in the wind).

3. I don't know. It was brand new, never used, when we bought the boat. I saw the receipt (ca-ching!!) but have since misplaced it. I thought I remembered it having been made by Canvas Creations in Annapolis, but I've checked their website and they don't advertise for winter covers. It must have been someone else, and I'm near certain they were in Annapolis. There is no label on the cover.
Dan Wood at Canvas Creations did my dodger/bimini.

He said he would do a winter cover...
Huh, interesting. Maybe he did ours after all?

Glad to hear that you got a good discount! I think you'll be happy to have a properly sized cover.

As for the leaky portlights -- If you have the older oval style portlights, as the gaskets age and become more compressed, they do need an occasional adjustment to the set screws in the hinge. This allows them to seat more evenly on the frames. Bring your tiniest alan/hex keys.
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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