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Winter cover

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Well it's time to put the boat on the hard for the winter. I've never used a cover in the past, but I would like to cover at least the cockpit this winter. I would be interested in hearing what others use for frames and covers.


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Thanks to all for the input.
I just got a quote from the canvas shop (~$3,000) for a over the rail boom tent style.
I requested a quote from Fairclough and asked about the differences in price for the framed versus boom tent etc.. The reply basically said "check out our web site". Not very useful.

However, I think I have decided to forgo a cover for this year, and spend the money on a Cape Horn self steering unit instead. I can hack together a crude cover out of parts from the hardware store. It's a bit more difficult to do that for a self steering unit!!

Thanks again.

Well, so much for my decision to cover the boat with tarps!!
I went down to the boat this past Sunday to do some late winterizing and work out what I was going to do for a cover and frame. It poured with rain the whole time I was there, which gave me the (unwelcome) opportunity to see that most of my port lights leak and that with the scuppers frozen, the cockpit fills with water.
In the gusty wind I could evaluate other boat owners solutions to the same problem, and the home made varieties were not faring too well.
It was also obvious that I was never going to have the time to do the job myself.
Monday I ordered an over the rail, boom tent cover from the Canvas Store. They are measuring the boat tomorrow, and claim they can deliver it the week after Christmas. I'll update this post with the results.
The upside is that my waiting so late resulted in a 20% discount on the list price.

Thanks for all the input.

I replaced the gaskets a few years ago and adjusted the hinge at that time. However, adjustment is tricky. If the hinge is in too far, the lower edge does not seat very tightly. Now, I think that the bottom is too far in, as the loop on the frame used for holding the port open, is hard up against the acorn nut on the mounting bolt.
I need to replace and reseal the glass also, so I'll look at the gasket then.

1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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