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Wiring for a PY23

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I purchased a 1978 Paceship PY23 and the wiring needs to be redone. The old switchplate lists the following: Running Lights, Bow Light, Mast Light and Cabin Lights. I obviously know what the cabin lights are for. That leaves three switches to control 4 lights; 1) white light on the stern; 2) two lights on the mast with a single Perko plug; and 3) the red and green nav light on the bow. Please let me know what lights come on when you turn each of these switches on.I am assuming the running light is the white stern light, the mast light controls both lights on the mast and the bow light is the red/green nav light. However, the wiring diagram that came with the boat shows the mast lights on separate switches (only 1 Perko plug?), and the stern light and red/green bow lights on same switch (running lights). Thank you in advance for your help.
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Running lights would be all three red and green up front and white at rear

Bow light would be your " steaming light" white off front of mast

Mast light would be "anchor light" white on top of mast

Cabin lights would be inside cabin
Do both lights come on when you put power to it...?

Only one...Try reversing polarity and see if other comes on...
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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