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I've been pulling back some wiring on my boat to figure out why the VHF, radio and a few cabin lights quit working. I didn't like what I found.

The feed from the distribution panel was led to a cabin locker, and spliced there into three separate feeds for the VHF, radio and lights. They only used a screw-on connector for the splice--and did same thing for the ground/negative return wire.

Miraculously, after pulling on the wires a bit, everything turned back on (although the next day everthing was dead again), so it seems replacing some wires is in order.

What is the proper way to rewire this? Should I lead the power feed for each individual appliance (VHF, radio etc) back to the distribution panel, or is there an acceptable way to distribute power to each appliance from some splice point away from the panel, perhaps using a fuse block that I can mount securely in a locker? I've been looking through catalogs but I am not sure there's a part that does what I am looking for.

I have a feeling this could be the start of a much bigger rewiring project.

Thanks very much for your insights!
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