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Actually, you need to connect the wires to the transducer mount, which is a six-pin socketed plug. Usually, the mount has the wiring attached to it, since it is supposed to come pre-wired. The bottom end of the ST60 transducer is a set of pins in a screw collar that plugs into the transducer mount and screws tight.

You can see the Raymarine ST60 wind transducer mount with protective cap in this photo, it is the dark grey plastic piece mounted to the top of the mast, beside the masthead crane.

If the second-hand instrument doesn't come with the mount pre-wired, you really should buy a new mount that is wired. The mast head is no place for additional wiring connections, since wiring problems are the primary cause of wind instrument issues IMHO-which is why I upgraded to the TackTick gear.

The Raymarine wind transducer mount is pre-wired with 100' of wire, which should be enough for most boats up to about 40' LOA or so. You will need to get a special through-deck connector, unless you plan on running the wire straight through to the instrument-which I don't recommend, since you won't be able to unstep the mast in that case. You can use either a terminal strip and a cable clam to get the cable through the cabintop/deck or you can use a six-pin pass-thru-connector. One connector I've used with good success is a weatherproof RJ-45 connector and terminated the cable coming down the mast using a weather proof RJ 45 plug.
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