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Women''''s Sailing Experiences

Hello Wildheart!

I am a "Newby" to this site. I''m an American, living in Germany. I have a 17´ mini cruiser, but I like to charter. Last year I got 3 pilot''s licenses, required for German/European Waters:

Sport Boat License for Inland Waters
Sport Boat License for Near Coastal Waters
Sport Boat Shipper''s Patent for Coastal Waters

I''m working on my Sport Boat Shipper''s Patent for Offshore this year. This involves a four-part theoretical test in navigation, seamanship, weather forecasting, and sealane rules and regulations, plus a practical and oral test with radar on a sailing vessel, and then I have to have 700 miles documented watch experience

Even though I got my licenses, I''m still a sophmore, I know quite a bit, but I don''t have tons of experience. Wish me luck!

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