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Women''''s Sailing Experiences

HiWow! This is new to me, a message board within sailnet. Even though I have seen them grow since 1993, I have been so tied up with the job.........I did not have time to check all of the functions of the message board till this morning. Guess I will have to check in more often.
As for boats, in Georgia, there is a lot of swamps, so depending on where you live, think of this. Should be small draft, probably no more than 3''6". Heavy boat, 9 to 10K lbs.
Heavy for Alantic. Don''t care for Newports, most have Atomic 4 engines, which have a bad record for catching on fire. Try to buy something with diesel. Also, they are known for blisters and delamination.
Boats manufactured in the 70''s prior to 78, don''t get too many blisters if any.
Outboards versus auxilliary diesel. When heading into bad weather generally the outboard can''t keep up, as it is usually a 9.9. Wow! There is so much.
Zoo is the name of my boat, 28'' Morgan Out Island, 1973 model. Diesel.
I have been raised around the water all of my life. My 5 kids love the water and sailing. Trick I think is to keep them entertained and
make it fun. Teach them proper techniques, let them helm the boat, assign reponsibility, let them take turns in overnights trips or longer. Have fun!!
Captain Maribel
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